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About Media High School

On behalf of the administration, faculty, support staff, and Parents’ Association, I would like to welcome you to the High School for Media and Communications. This school is entering its 21st year and is part of the George Washington Educational Campus, a complex that has a great reputation, a long history, a landmark status, and established traditions.

It is our belief that students must be college and career ready and all members of the school community will work hard to help you achieve. We will nurture and assist you in learning the lessons that will remain with you for the rest of your life. During the next four years, there will be many opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, and personally. To be successful, all students must plan their time wisaely and effectively, study diligently, complete assignments, attend classes on a regular and consistent basis, participate in activities sponsored by the school, and attend all mandated tutoring sessions. You must also set goals and strive to reach them. To this end, we offer a rigorous academic program.

As members of the school community, we must respect the rights and responsibilities of everyone. School personnel, students, and parents need to communicate and cooperate in order to understand and achieve our goals and objectives. This handbook will familiarize you with varied aspects of our school program. It contains valuable information and will provide the foundation for the achievement of a rewarding educational experience. Good luck and best wishes for a successful and enriching school year. 


​Juan Villar, Principal

Expectations of our Scholars

Our History

The High School for Media and Communications seeks young scholars who have and will strengthen the following characteristics:

  • Grit: You will work hard to achieve your goals and strive for excellence.

  • Optimism: You believe in yourself and will push through tough times knowing that there is a positive outcome at the end.

  • Zest: You will be socially active and participate fully in our school community.

  • Commitment: You will take responsibility for your education and future.

  • Self-Discipline: You will manage your time wisely and build good study habits.

George Washington Logo

High school for media and Communications is one of four schools created from the reorganization of George Washington High School in 1999. Most students come from homes where Spanish is spoken and about a quarter of students are English language learners. During a visit in the spring of 2011, new immigrants taught by a dynamic veteran instructor were conversing and raising their hands to recite dialogues in English.


They go on field trips to the American Museum of Natural History and the Jewish Museum to build their vocabulary and speaking confidence.

We believe that quality education is every student’s right.  At the High School for Media and Communications, this is characterized by:

  • A curriculum that is rigorous, well-rounded, and includes Advanced Placement classes.

  • Interdisciplinary studies that focus on theme-based multi-media projects.

  • Opportunities for acquiring technological competence.

  • Emphasis on media and communications arts.  Specific courses of study include journalism, drama, film, creative writing, advanced art, speech, Photoshop, STEM, and computer technology.

  • Opportunities for students to apply and extend their learning beyond the classroom to serve and improve their community.

  • Students exploring career and college options available to them.

  • Student-centered teaching practices that focus on inquiry and cooperative learning.

  • A team approach that will include common meeting time, case conferencing, and academic planning.

  • Parental and community involvement.

  • As a Community School, we are committed to leveraging community resources and opportunities to address the needs of our students and their families.

  • Partnerships and collaborations with colleges, universities, local organizations, and members of the public and private sectors.

Our Vision